Hey there, we're Geoff and Sue.

We’re the folks behind Valley Walnut. Between the two of us, we’re figuring out the logistics, sourcing, designs, marketing, photography, coding, recipe building — everything for the company! But without Sue’s parents, this wouldn’t exist.


For decades, her parents sold these nuts wholesale, but now we are making sure they’re available for everyone’s enjoyment.

Sue’s parents immigrated to the United States from Taiwan in the 80s. Like many immigrants, her parents struggled after they arrived. Despite her parents' backgrounds in chemistry and chemical engineering, they first began making ends meet in America by painting toy soldiers. Eventually, her dad found his way to walnuts and was able to use his skills to patent the process to make them even more delicious. 


At the end of January 2023, Sue's dad had a heart attack which landed him in the ER for a few weeks. Two months later (after her dad was recovering back home), Sue and Geoff decided to start this business and by July this site was up and running to take orders!

But, why Valley Walnut?

We went back and forth on a lot of names. We thought about paying homage to Sue's parents or going the jokey route, but nothing felt right until Geoff came up with Valley Walnut. We knew it would be a winner. It’s a combination of where Geoff and Sue grew up (San Gabriel Valley!) and the Central Valley where the walnuts come from.